Wanting to share with you a couple videos from Sacred Science…just to start your day!  An integral part of healing not only our own bodies but our planet is to remember—its all we have.  Our bodies given to us at birth.  I’ve studied and walked the Red Road for decades and there have been times I’ve lived with Elders to learn and help and grow—and there have been times when I’ve been alone out in the woods, living what I’ve been shown.  With or without any of the sacred tools that I’ve been shared—I can always come back to my body.  The physical manifestation of who I am—who Creator gifted me in this lifetime to be.  Taking care of  my self, my aches and pains, my joy and happiness–and with the extension of my family and friends and loved ones–this is always going to be true!  I hope you enjoy your day.  I know Creator and Mama Earth are out there watching us and working with us to keep going, keep working at it, keep doing our best with what we’ve been given.  The gift of time in our bodies.  The medicine of who we are inside and outside.  

Sacred Science video to share today!

Be well–enjoy your day–and love.
😉   Sandy  😉  


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