Day 15: Gratefulness Journey–Prayer and Confirmation

Sitting upstairs with our puppies watching the snow and sleet come down…listening to music and wafting my way through another migraine. Finally having the time to sit and write down some parts of what has gone on the past few. Some days can be so filled with things to do that the mind is otherwise occupied…and the voicing of one’s own journey gets placed to the side. To find the beginning point of the story is sometimes difficult as so many journeys prior have been woven day by day in creating this one moment in time. I think back and remember the Elders teaching me about Prayer…how important it is to do things the way they have shown as it links us to all those who have been shown those ways in the past. How one misstep can and does affect the outcome of whatever it is we are praying about, working on, wishing to have happen in our lives or those who are dear to us. Again am giving thanks for Traditional ways and the portions that I have been gifted with or ways that have been shared with me. We are the answers to our Ancestors Prayers… And as each Sunrise comes over the horizon we can, through prayer, reconnect to the first Sunrise…the Sunrise that occurred when our Children were born…the Sunrise that occurred at Sundance…or after a Peyote meeting…and the healing that happened in the past, can continue to live on…as we continue to Pray. Last Friday night I was able to go to a Concert put on in Rhinelander that benefited Standing Rock and the Prayers being said for the Water. I didn’t arrive early, and had to leave early–so no new friends were made–yet was able to connect spiritually with other like minded folks, praying as I have been for so long for our Children, for the Water, for Mother Earth. Following the evening I had several days with limited pain. Such a blessing…as I’m not able at present to go out there myself. And? Sunday we hear that President Obama has not granted the easement for DAPL to continue digging. Again, such a blessing…Yesterday we hear that the companies behind the pipeline are going to continue the drilling/digging/pipeline even though it is now illegal. Beyond that? Mother Nature has moved in and begun their hard winter. Drifts that can happen upwards of 8 ft at a time–with winter’s snow sometimes breaking telephone poles as they reach up and surpass the phone lines. Thousands of Veteran’s, Chiefs and People from all over the World are there…braving the Winter, or at least the first signs of what Mother Nature can look like out west. A good teaching point for all of the protesters when Obama tells them they can all go home now and Mother Nature makes it impassable. Adding another layer now to the Prayer for safety, sustenance and peace to be plentiful and the lessons as gentle as a feather brushing against your skin. In a recent email, Eleanor Bravo from Food & Water Watch indicates the following:Some good news — yesterday, the Army Corps of Engineers put a halt to the Dakota Access Pipeline by denying a key permit for the pipeline to cross the Missouri River next to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.Dallas Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network said:“Today, the Obama Administration has told us they are not granting the final easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline. This is not just an amazing victory for Standin

Source: Day 15: Gratefulness Journey–Prayer and Confirmation


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