good morning to each of you as you begin your day today! i am hopeful that you’ve already taken time to give thanks for everything in your life as i do each morning.  today is the first day i am home from a full time job working in advertising–and i am starting up my etsy shop (mountainsdreamz), partnering with my daughter and opening the doors wide open once again to the healing parts of my life.  being chained to a full time position for the past years has taken its toll on my health and the spirits and ancestors i work with are pulling me out in no uncertain way.  live close to the land–being chosen to do what i am here to do.  i am thankful you have stumbled upon this page and look forward to joining as we now continue to walk hand in hand…

Essential oils, herbal blends, tinctures, salves, lotions and body butters, herbal soaps and healing candles will all be a part of where we go next. Each new calendar year brings with it a 13 moon cycle of creation. Healing blends created at home that were used by my family, now being offered to you. I am truly excited to be moving back into what i’ve spent years learning–truly blessed to be able to be here at home creating once again. You will find on my facebook page hundreds of photos of the traditional regalia i’ve been requested to create–shawls, ribbon shirts, beadwork and ceremonial dresses. Each of them handed on as blessings and thanksgiving to ceremonial leaders and elders in our lives. I look forward to what it is Creator and Mother Earth have in store for us…miigwetch~


Herbal tinctures, healing salves and balms, Herbal soaps and Women’s medicine from days gone by

I’ve had an Etsy shop for years only have just really started working with it this year. There are so many parts to getting the shop up and running and once I was given the ok to open the doors, things have moved fairly quickly. I’ve learned the herbal ways from several people in my life–through working as a consultant at an herbal store and taking their classes in OKC, from Elders I have studied with for the past 35 – 40 years both on the Reservations and off, and listening to the teachings from my Relatives along the way. Our family has always lived by the Sacred teachings of Grandmother Moon and created not only our gardens but our healing medicines during her cycles. Sharing those medicines with our family and friends along the way has always been there–and it wasn’t until right before my Elder Sister in the traditional ways passed on that I was instructed to begin working with the People more. That is, in essence, what prompted me to rededicate my Etsy shop and open the doors up wide.

I hope as you amble through our listings you will understand that the teachings I have been shown are a part of each item created. Time goes in to being healthy, and a strong vibrant commitment to life in all of its’ forms. Medicines are all around us –provided by Mother Earth. Walking gently upon her, gathering medicines and creating tinctures, herbal balms or salves, soaps or oils one must be ever mindful of the footprints one leaves. There are times our medicines will take a moon cycle or more to create. After all, there are 13 moons in the year–and healing from a traditional perspective can take those full 13 moons–or even longer. Be mindful of that. Be gentle with yourself. I’ll work with you and help you as far and as long as you choose it. I do hope you do–choose life. Health. Joy. and most of all Love.

Thank you ever so much for stopping by, it is truly an honor. I look forward to our journey together,